Be a magic coach at camp

Summer camp in China is all about opening the campers eyes to a world of imagination & excitement.

By teaching magic tricks, you'll play a key role in keeping the wonder of camp alive.

If you're looking for magic jobs abroad and you're fun, enthusiastic, and charismatic, reveal the mystery of magic to campers this summer in China.


  • Be confident & creative
  • Learn how to perform a few magic tricks
  • Be patient


Bonus Qualification

There's no official magician qualification, the more experience you have with performance, the better

Why should I teach magic at camp?

In a magician job at camp, you'll be able to practice all your favourite skills, and show them off to everyone around.

A magician always keeps their secrets - but at camp, you're the master. You'll be able to learn new tricks or practice ones you already know, and teach your campers how to astonish and amaze.

Camp is one of the most supportive and inclusive places on earth. It's the ultimate environment to try new things - which is ideal, because there are tons of activities. Your campers and fellow counselors will be enthusiastic about learning new tricks and trying to show them off.

What does a magic instructor do?

  • Magic activities involve teaching campers the secrets behind performing various magic tricks
  • Campers learn to perform magic tricks themselves
  • Children may opt to perform magic in camp-wide projects such as talent shows.

Magic is as broad as you choose to make it. Campers will perform their magic tricks to their friends & love to take what they've learned back home to show their parents after camp.

This is not A Trick

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Be a camp counselor

Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.