Pre-departure preparation days

We've used our 25 years of cultural exchange expertise to produce in-depth and fun Adventure China preparation days (or prep days).

Our full-support promise includes a group prep day, and we guarantee that you'll leave feeling 100% ready for your summer.

Take control of your journey. Be fully prepared.

What happens at a prep day?

You'll meet others attending your camp, get to know our team and learn everything you need to know for your summer at camp in China. From what to pack, to how to apply for your visa, we'll cover everything and answer all of your questions so that you feel fully prepared for camp.

Meet the team.
Experience Chinese culture.
Get prepared.

Do I have to attend?


Attending a preparation day is mandatory for everyone heading out to do Adventure China for the first time. Your safety and success is our number priority.

Our prep Ddys will leave you fully prepared and confident in everything before embarking on your exciting new adventure.

Where are the prep days held?

Location for the summer 2024 season to be announced soon.

What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything to our prep days. A pen, bottle of water and a notebook for key information may come in handy.

And your enthusiasm... bring that too!