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What is summer camp?

Each year, Chinese camp directors hire staff from all across the world to teach campers new skills and become positive role models throughout the summer.

Your young person will return more responsible and mature, with a well-rounded outlook on the world.

Benefits of working at summer camp

Boost your CV

Working at summer camp will increase employability & is great to add to a CV.

A job at summer camp in China develops independence, drive and determination. These traits are recognised & heavily valued by employers around the world.

Build your character

Summer camp can be a tough job. Staff learn to develop grit and determination to contribute towards a successful summer.

At camp, your young person will be held accountable for keeping to the busy camp schedule, upholding their role at camp, and maintaining a level of professionalism.

A safe place to work

We hand-pick our partnering camps, ensuring they place a high value on providing a safe environment.

We visit all of our camps each year, maintaining a trusting relationship with the best, most diverse camps across China. If we wouldn't send our own kids there, we wouldn't send yours, either.

Global network

Summer camp staff in China are hired from across the world. This will expose your young person to multiple cultures, allowing them to build a global network.

Most individuals go to summer camp on their own, meaning that they form honest, true friendships as they share a unique experience with like-minded people.

Afford travel

The F1 visa lasts for 90 days. Most staff will travel after camp for the remaining days on their visa.

This is a safe, affordable opportunity to explore China in a way that works for them.

Camp staff will receive pocket money for their time at camp, so your young person can travel China without having to save up too much beforehand.

Why choose Adventure China

We're the leading company pioneering summer camps in China. Our team have all spent time living or working in China before, with loads of experience working at summer camp, so we love what we do.

  • We provide 24/7 support at camp
  • We won a British youth travel award for our excellence customer service
  • We’ve been featured in the Guardian for our pioneer program
  • We’ve sent 100s participants to summer camp in China

Flexible pricing options

Return flights are taken care of by the Adventure China team as part of the program fee. We have broken our pricing down into 3 affordable payments.

If our standard payment plan isn't ideal, we'll be happy to build one just for you. We aim to make it as easy as possible to get to camp.

Insurance included

The Adventure China program includes 90 days medical insurance. (If your young person will be at camp or travelling in China for longer than 90 days, it is their responsibility to extend their insurance.)

Extending insurance is a simple process that can be done online. During the preparation days we will show everyone how to do this.

Program timeline

We're the leading company pioneering summer camps in China. Our team haIf Adventure China seems like the right experience for your young person, check out our application guide for the full program timeline.

Whether your young person is an experienced traveller, or it will be their first time overseas, Adventure China provides award winning support throughout the entire all spent time living or working in China before, with loads of experience working at summer camp, so we love what we do.

Key events


We work with many different camps across China. Camp directors want to make sure all of their staff are the perfect fit for their particular camp - and we want to make sure your young person is in a place where they'll thrive.

Camp directors love meeting potential candidates before camp, so they'll arrange a Skype interview before hiring them.

Job fairs

In January, we bring some of our Chinese camp directors over to the UK who are keen to hire people on the spot. The Adventure China job fairs are a great way to get hired in person, there and then.

Prep days

As part of our award winning support service, we hold mandatory pre-departure preparation sessions to equip our participants with everything they need to know before heading to camp.

Embassy day

To get their Chinese F visa, participants need to attend their nearest embassy. At the prep days we will go through this process step-by-step to make it as simple as possible.