Life at camp

Life at summer camp, made simple.

Rest easy knowing all your essentials are taken care of. At Adventure China, our camps provide food, accommodation, and daily necessities such as laundry throughout your entire stay.

A (not so) average day at camp



Counselors rise early to get ready for the day, ensuring they are energized and ready to engage with campers.


Enjoy a nutritious breakfast with fellow counselors and campers, fostering a sense of community.

Morning meeting

Gather with camp staff to discuss the day's schedule, any announcements, and address any concerns or updates.

Activity sessions

Lead or assist in scheduled activities such as outdoor games, arts and crafts, sports, or educational sessions, depending on the camp's theme.



Share a meal with campers and fellow counselors, creating opportunities for bonding and fostering a positive atmosphere.

Rest and planning

Use this time to recharge, plan for upcoming activities, and collaborate with co-counselors.

Specialized workshops or adventures

Conduct or participate in more specialized activities, workshops, or outdoor adventures, enhancing the overall camp experience.

Free time and camper interaction

Allow campers to engage in unstructured free time while being available for any questions, concerns, or informal interactions.



Another communal meal where counselors can connect with campers and facilitate a positive dining experience.

Evening rogram or campfire

Lead or participate in evening programs, campfires, or storytelling sessions, promoting camaraderie among campers and fostering a sense of community.

Campfire reflection and planning

Reflect on the day's activities, discuss any adjustments for the next day, and plan evening or next day activities.

Lights out

Ensure campers are settling down for the night and adhere to camp curfew, ensuring everyone gets a good night's rest for the next day's adventures.

Rest easy. We've got you covered.


Not every camp is the same - although the dorm room style is most common. Some of our camps have modern glamping-style tents and others have staff-only dorm rooms for counsellors.

You’ll be told the sleeping situation during your camp interview, so you’ll know what to expect before arriving at camp.


Mealtimes have a family feel, as you sit around the table with your campers tucking into delicious dishes.

Meals are served in the canteen and typical dishes include stir fried vegetables with garlic and chilli, deep fried prawns, pork dumplings, tomato and egg soup, rice and steamed buns.

(So don’t worry, you won’t be eating spiders and cockroaches!)

Wifi & Electricity

Camp is great for disconnecting from technology - but we understand that you can’t go completely off the grid.

There are areas at camp where staff can use WIFI throughout the day and rooms have power outlets.

As it's difficult to access social media in China, we recommend joining WeChat so that you can contact us when you're there.


Toilets, Showers, & Washing Machines

There are washing facilities at camp free of charge. All toilets at the camps are western style - but, depending on where you travel to after camp, you might not find the same. It’s all part of the adventure!