Kayaking and Canoeing Jobs in China

Make a splash in China by leading Kayaking sessions at summer camp.

If you're looking for kayaking jobs abroad and you're a strong swimmer who loves being on the waterfront, you may have the chance to jump into the kayaks.

Camps want people who are patient, confident in the water, and can give clear instructions. Expand your waterfront skill set this summer in China.


  • Be a strong, confident swimmer, if getting into the kayaks
  • Be patient, focused & alert


Bonus Qualification

  • BCU Level 2 coach
  • UKCC level 2 coach

Why should I teach kayaking or canoeing at camp?

Canoe and kayak jobs at camp are perfect for the outdoor adventurer. From calm, serene lakes to turbulent rivers and rapids - kayaking at camp is easily one of the most popular activities in the schedule. It might be the best way to see America's vast outdoors - if you love getting out on the water, it's the perfect role for you.

From general purpose slalom kayaks to open cockpit canoes - camps have a range of boats for the campers to try out for the day. As a canoeing and kayaking specialist, you’ll work closely with the lifeguards and at many smaller camps may even be involved in lifeguarding duties if qualified.

What does a kayaking instructor do?

  • Kayaking sessions aim to teach campers basic paddling technique
  • You may be asked to supervise your group of campers as they use kayaks on the lake
  • You'll play a part in ensuring the safety of everyone using kayaks

Kayaking is a great way to get out on the waterfront. You may be expected to become a lifeguard before teaching kayaking at camp.

Does Kayaking Float Your Boat?

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Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.