Archery Jobs in China

If you are looking for archery jobs abroad, you are at the right place! From focusing on aiming, to developing shooting techniques, there's no better way to spend your summer than teaching archery in summer camps in China.

If you're accurate, focused and responsible - you'll flourish in archery activities at camp.


  • Be focused & accurate
  • Love outdoor adventures
  • Have prior experience or dedication to learn


Bonus Qualification

  • Grand National Society (GNAS) Level 1+

Why should I teach archery at camp?

Shooting arrows, playing games and creating competitions - if you love archery and would really like the opportunity to teach, then this is a fantastic way to combine your passion with travelling the China. Archery jobs abroad don’t get better than this.

Archery coaches are often in high demand at summer camps. Camp directors are looking for someone who is passionate about archery and who can inspire the campers within their sessions. If you haven’t got any qualifications in archery, but some great prior experience, a camp may be interested in hiring you for this role and train you in-house.

What does an archery instructor do?

  • Helping campers develop their stance, aim, and shooting technique.
  • Preparing campers for whole camp tournaments and potentially inter-camp competitions.
  • Ensuring the safety of anyone using the archery equipment.

Archery is popular at camp as many kids don't have access to it at home and it helps campers develop a wide set of skills. You'll have a responsible but fun role while teaching archery at summer camp.

Make China Your New Target

Make China Your New Target

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Be a camp counselor

Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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