Be a teacher at camp

Summer camp in China is a great way to gain transferable teaching skills.

At camp you will develop skills that will boost your CV and help you become an exceptional teacher.

Adventure China is considered a leading TEFL alternative. It is a great way to positively impact your employability & kick-start your future career. So if you are looking for teaching jobs abroad, Adventure China is the program for you.


  • Be creative, confident & patient
  • Be willing to share your skills
  • Encourage campers to discover new thing


Bonus Qualification

There's no official teaching qualification, the more experience you have with teaching, the better.

Enhance your CV by working with children at camp in China

Going to camp in China exposed me to a completely unique teaching experience. The language and cultural differences meant that campers constantly asked questions and I got to teach new things every day.
This experience wasn't limited to teaching campers English words and phrases. I was also able to teach them about my own culture and life back home. This worked both ways as I too became more exposed to alternative views on the world.
-- Michelle Camp Director

How will camp help me to become a teacher?

  • You'll work directly with children throughout the summer, gaining hands-on, practical experience.
  • You'll partake in training before camp begins to prepare you for the summer.
  • You'll develop techniques and learn of activities that you'll be able to transfer to a classroom setting.
  • You'll gain tangible skills and an invaluable experience that will make your teaching CV stand out.

The Ultimate Summer Teaching Work Experience

Make China Your New Target

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Be a camp counselor

Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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