Be a rounders coach at camp

Backstop, batsman, fielder. No matter what position you prefer, why not share your passion for rounders with children at summer camp in China?

If you're looking for rounders jobs abroad and you're energetic, confident, and active, take a swing at teaching rounders this summer.


  • Be active, enthusiastic & energetic
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Be a strong team player


Bonus Qualification

Qualifications aren't required, but relevant experience playing rounders or a similar sport such as cricket or baseball can help you nail down your ultimate summer job. Let us know in your application!

All you need is a positive attitude and a level of experience to be able to teach children at camp.

Why should I teach rounders at camp?

Teaching rounders at camp is your chance to turn swings into smiles and bases into bonds. Be the catalyst for laughter, teamwork, and unforgettable moments. As the rounders coach, you're not just teaching a game; you're creating a chapter of joy and camaraderie in every camper's summer adventure. Grab the bat, let the games commence, and make this summer a home run for everyone!

What does a rounders instructor do?

  • Rounders sessions involve teaching campers the rules of rounders
  • You may be asked to create & implement lesson plans with fun games to improve rounders technique
  • Fun rounders drills & mini matches that take into account camper ability

Rounders is a fun, competitive game that teaches campers the importance of teamwork & sportsmanship, so throw yourself into it this summer.

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Be a camp counselor

Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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