Baking Jobs in China

If you know your way around a kitchen, and feel comfortable teaching children, why not teach it at camp?

You'll create fun recipes with your campers - and at the end, you'll have something delicious to show (and eat) for your effort.


  • Love all things baking
  • Encourage campers to develop their own recipes
  • Be willing to have cookie dough all over you


Bonus Qualification

Baking jobs don't require any specific qualifications.

Why should I teach baking at camp?

Teaching baking at camp is a delightful way to foster creativity, teamwork, and a love for delicious treats! It provides a hands-on experience, boosts confidence, and creates lasting memories. Plus, who can resist the joy of indulging in freshly baked goodies made with a sprinkle of camp camaraderie?

What does a baking instructor do?

  • Helping campers learn the basics of baking
  • Preparing & baking delicious desserts
  • Teaching kitchen safety to campers

Baking is a lot of fun. Make sure you bring along your best traditional country recipes as well!

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Be a camp counselor

Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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