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Baking at camp

If you know your way around a kitchen, and feel comfortable teaching children, why not teach it at camp?

You'll create fun recipes with your campers - and at the end, you'll have something delicious to show (and eat) for your effort.

baking is a labor of love.



  • Helping campers learn the basics of baking
  • Preparing & baking delicious desserts
  • Teaching kitchen safety to campers

Baking is a lot of fun. Make sure you bring along your best traditional country recipes as well!

  • Love all things baking
  • Encourage campers to develop their own recipes
  • Be willing to have cookie dough all over you

How do I get involved with baking at camp?

Combine your love of baking with a summer working abroad. Add a pinch of salt, and you've got it made!

When you fill in your Adventure China profile, make sure you include all your experience with baking in the skills section. It's important to be responsible and focused in the kitchen, as you'll be working with kids - but remember to have fun as well!

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Your role as a camp counselor involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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