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A team that's dedicated to connecting young people with the rest of the world through unforgettable experiences.

We love China. It's one of the greatest destinations in the world, with its interesting food, culture and deep history - it makes this job one of the best in the world.

Meet our warriors

US Program Coordinator

If you're from the US and want to head out to China, Reagan is your guy! An expert on the application process, he'll help you with Adventure China from start to finish.

UK Team Lead

"Hello Chicken". Roisin is one of our super star team members, nothing is too much trouble, no task too much to ask. She knows everything summer camp having worked out at our sites in Qingdao as a Camp Director this season. Her favourite part of summer camp are the people and staff. "Their hearts, they are just the best people". You can rely on this egg for everything.

Global Programs Advisor

After spending 4 years living, working and traveling in China, Oliver uses his expertise to help the next explorers in our Adventure China program. He is full of advice and travel tips to help everyone make the most of their time in China. If he could give one word of advice it would be "Dong Bei Food. It's a certain cuisine in the North East - all the dishes are sweet with lots of vinegars and pickles, its very tasty and one not to miss."

Director of Growth & Development

Mark is the man to make it happen. Looking after all of the UK outbound programmes, he offers constant unconditional support and guidance to Adventure China making sure it goes over and beyond all expectations.

Zhouyi (Joey)
Local Support Coordinator

Living in China his entire life, Joey has an authentic insight into China. While you’re on the Adventure China program, he will provide local support whenever you need it. From must-try dishes, to less well known spots to visit, Joey is your encyclopedia of knowledge for all things China.

Global Travel Advisor

Calvin joined the Adventure China team after being a standout counselor at Camp Heavenland in Inner Mongolia. If you want to talk to someone who's been there, and done that, he's your man. He's gone through the entire process, from being a new applicant to being a High Ropes Activity Specialist at camp. He just has one question for you: 我可以帮你吗?

Australia Program Coordinator

Here to support our Aussies through the Adventure China program, Bence has years of summer camp experience under his belt. Camp related question? He's your go-to.

New Zealand Team Lead

Teresa (or "T" as you may know her) is our resident Kiwi, here to send all you New Zealanders on the Adventure China program. With a wealth of experience in sending people to summer camp, T is guaranteed to be there every step of the way.


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