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Coaching in China

Sports Coaching Roles

Summer camps in China are a new tradition - which means you've got the flexibility to dive into all kinds of activities.

Whether it be part of a camp activity, or during an evening program, you'll have the opportunity to coach a variety of sports during your time at camp.

Embrace the challenge of coaching sports abroad.


For a slam dunk summer, get involved in basketball at camp. Teach drills, create games and make the most of sports coaching abroad in China.

Find out more about basketball at camp


Take a swing at coaching rounders at camp in China. Teach campers the basics, umpire games and demonstrate the importance of great sportsmanship & teamwork.

Find out more about rounders at camp

You name it.

Whatever your sport is, you'll have the flexibility to teach it at camp - let us know what you love to do, and we'll get you to a place where you can thrive.

Your favourite sport? You can teach it at camp.

you must:
  • Be enthusiastic & energetic
  • Be a strong team player
  • Be understanding & encouraging

How do I get involved in Sports Coaching Abroad at camp?

Whether you have a passion for a particular sport, or consider yourself an all-round sport enthusiast, make sure you mention it on your Adventure China profile.

Camp directors in China love individuals who can teach campers new skills and are role models for being a team player & having good sportsmanship.

If you're creative, energetic and understanding, jump into sports coaching abroad in China.


Your role as a camp trainer involves taking your group of children around camp and leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

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