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China is basically its own continent - there's so much variation in food, people and its landscapes.

It is an authentic travel experience away from what everyone else is doing. It’s exciting and feels unexplored. China hasn’t bowed to anyone else and is so distinct. If you want to go somewhere authentic, then look no further.


China rests on the foundations of a deep and vibrant heritage. When you think of China it conjures images of dragons, temples and dumplings and you’re not far wrong.

China is overwhelming in its rapid development, it is seizing it’s place in the modern world and climbing to new heights. See the old and new weaving a new tapestry as China enters its new age.


Home to some of the world’s most impressive and spectacular sights.

Yes we all know the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and the skyscrapers of Shanghai but go deeper and watch it constantly reveal incredible secrets. From it's own version of Hawaii and James Cameron’s floating mountains of Pandora to Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Forbidden City… there is a whole world waiting to be explored inside China’s borders.


So good it needs it’s own point. Forget what you know about western Chinese food and prepare to try a whole banquet of new and exciting dishes. Each region is so distinct in its flavours and ingredients, giving a rich and flavoursome travel experience. But prepare yourself, there's definitely some delicacies.

Who said dining in China wasn’t without surprises? Definitely not us.


China isn’t your average travel experience. You’re going to need to push yourself and understand that not everything is as simple as it should be on paper. From the relaxed Chinese mentality to the lack of English - this is travelling at the next level. Chinese people are genuinely inquisitive about foreigners and will approach/help you but you should also expect to be seen as a novelty, which can be fun.

If you want a challenge, to see something extraordinary and to go a bit further, then China is for you.

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