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10 Breathtaking Places in China

Join Tor Peirson as she walks you through the top 10 travelling locations in China which sure to take your breath away.

Author: Toria Peirson
06 Feb 15:50

China is an incredible country and one that should be on every traveller's bucket list. Believe us when we say that there aren’t many places on earth with this much variety and culture. That’s why we’ve created this list of some of the most beautiful places you need to see, so you don’t have to waste any time.

Sit back, take it in, and make sure you’re exploring all that China has to offer as soon as you can...


Rising from the mist, these vast, towering pinnacles are something out of this world. You might recognise them from Avatar and you’re right in that this unusual part of the world was instrumental in inspiring James Cameron’s Pandora.

Situated in the Northwestern part of Hunan, Zhangjiajie was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1992. This breathtaking natural marvel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China and it’s not hard to see why.

The good news is this beautiful area is ultra-accessible from most cities in China. And to increase this once in a lifetime experience why not take in the view from the world's’ tallest and fastest elevator.


Over 24 million years ago the beauty of these mountains was revealed after layers of different coloured stone were crumpled up by the movement of the tectonic plates beneath.

The best way to explore this area is from the town of Zhangye, where there is a sightseeing bus can take you round the viewpoints of the park to ensure you get the perfect snap from your travels!


Although these strange mountains may seem like something from a fairytale, in fact, they’re located in the south of China. A cruise down the Li River is sure to give you a spectacular and well-rounded view of this unique part of the world.

As one area that’s high on most backpackers list there’s plenty of hostels and English speaking guides. As there’s so much to explore it’s best to spend a few days here, so you can make sure you don’t miss out on ‘the best landscape under heaven’.


This impressive 233 foot tall Buddha was built by monks into the cliff face during the 8th Century and is the largest in the world.

Not only will you experience the dominating Buddha and the rivers flowing at its feet, if you’ve got some more time it’s well worth taking a hike up the sacred Mount Emei.


Over 2 million people flock this part of the Sichuan Province to experience the crystal-clear, colourful lakes and picture-perfect waterfalls that Jiuzhaigou has to offer.

As well as the fairytale scenery there’s plenty of wildlife to see, you might even catch a peek at some giant pandas.

An earthquake in last years summer has meant a vast reduction in the number of people who can enter the park each day, so you’ll have to be quick to book on a tour but the results will no doubt make up for the hassle. Definitely, one to remember your camera for!


Commonly penned ‘the Hawaii of China’, Sanya gives those lucky enough to see it the best coastal scenery that China can offer. Blazing sunshine, miles of white sand beaches and crystal-clear sea water, what more could you ask for?

And the best part…

It’s really easy to reach from loads of surrounding cities, making it the perfect sanctuary for some downtime.


The Yangtze River is a must see when travelling China, and you’re sure to be impressed by its grandeur. Most tours and cruises focus on the middle reaches incorporating the spectacular three gorges and the breathtaking scenery around them. If you’ve got a bit more time to explore, the upper regions of the river also make incredible hiking territory.


The initiative of the Hani people over 2,500 years ago allowed this masterpiece to be created as a solution to the difficulty of growing crops on the mountainside. The terraces are not only practical but incredibly pleasing on the eye.

Although the area can be difficult to reach, the Instagram likes you’ll get will surely make it worth it worthwhile!


This vast palette of colourful land stretches for over 77,000 miles. The red soil that can be seen so vividly is caused by oxidised iron. The greens, golds and whites from surrounding fields really make the landscape pop.

To capture this feat of nature in all its glory we recommend visiting between May and June when the landscape can be captured at its full potential. And most importantly exploring this part of China is completely free!


This might be the last place on our list but it's definitely not one to miss out on! Although it may seem like a mirage the Crescent Lake is a 2,000-year-old oasis in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

The lake was formed by a natural spring and is surrounded by plentiful gardens. There are so many ways to explore this unbelievable phenomenon whether it's by camel, helicopter or 4X4 you’re sure to have your breath taken away.

With all this and more to see, what are you waiting for - Adventure China now

Toria Peirson

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