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TEFL alternative in China


A summer camp counselor is one of the only roles where you can teach English abroad without needing a certificate- and you won't just be teaching in a classroom.

You'll boost your CV by working directly with Chinese children in a flexible and fun environment - some camps include classroom sessions, but most teaching is done in the great outdoors. So if you want to teach English in China, Adventure China is the program for you.


Teach English skills.

Chinese camps are keen to hire international staff who can help their campers improve their English skills through exposure. You will:

  • Help campers to develop their English language skills.
  • Create & implement lessons to introduce children to a new vocabulary.
  • Spend time in classroom & outdoor settings, incorporating new ways to develop campers' knowledge of the English language.
No TEFL certificate needed.
Do I need TEFL to teach in China?

No - you don't need a TEFL certificate to teach English in China. Summer camp in China is more flexible than the typical TEFL structure, and campers are eager to learn through exposure to English speakers. You'll simply need to meet our eligibility criteria, and be the following:

  • Confident teaching the English language
  • Passionate about teaching others
  • Clear, patient and encouraging
Because of camp, I led English classes in China.

Before heading to camp in China I had considered various TEFL courses but wasn't sure whether teaching abroad was for me.

Camp allowed me to try-out TEFL in China without needing a TEFL certificate. I created & implemented my own lesson plans throughout the summer and gained hands-on classroom experience.

The skills I developed at camp increased my confidence in leading classroom sessions to people of all abilities. I now have a unique, practical example to add to my CV that'll help me stand-out from the crowd if I choose to apply for teaching jobs.

Camp Counselor

How to teach english in China at camp

Summer camps are a great place for self-development for both campers and staff. You will naturally teach English and communicate with local Chinese campers and staff during your time at summer camp in China, but your camp is likely to have formal teaching facilities as well.

Summer camp is a new tradition in China, so most camps are still very flexible in their approach to activities. You can let your camp director know what you'd like to teach - whether that's in the classroom or through another activity.

Other camp activities:

The beauty of summer camp is that every activity is a potential learning experience.

There are lots of teaching opportunities at camp, so if you're keen to try out a classroom setting, you can let your camp know.

As a camp counselor you'll take your group of children around camp, leading & assisting their participation in a range of activities.

Find out what other activities you may teach at camp

Getting started is easy as A.B.C.

If you're set on teaching English in China, with or without a TEFL certificate, simply include details of any previous English language qualifications you may hold and highlight your passion for teaching throughout your Adventure China profile.