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We're experts on all things China.

We aim to connect people across the world through cultural exchange - and we're here to help, 24/7.

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We're a global team of enthusiastic, passionate people who have all experienced travelling in Asia. We'll help every step of the way.

We provide full support from the moment you sign up, including visa assistance and pre-departure preparation days.

When your adventure in China is at an end, you can check out our China travel guides, where we're compiling everything we know about travelling in China.

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Meet our warriors

Australia Program Coordinator

China is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different culture to anything you may have experienced before. From the food to the people, it's all so different to the Western culture I've grown up with. For me, the program presented a great opportunity to be able to develop my working with children skills as well as a greater appreciation for the Chinese way of life.

UK Team Lead

With having experienced camp in America for 3 summers, it was time for a new challenge and Adventure China was exactly that. I've been travelling around the world for 2 and a half years, but when I landed in China I felt like I arrived. It's the most magical country I've ever been to. It's vibrant, full of culture and it has incredible traditions. Everyone I met is so welcoming and accommodating, and they have become my friends for life. China and the people have inspired me to learn Mandarin, and look into the history more. It’s a completely different world which has a special hold on you after you experience it for the first time.

Global Programs Advisor

In 2012, after stumbling across an ad online, I decided to completely change my life and move to China to teach English in Zhengzhou, Henan province. After 4 years, China had become my second home and I now have friends from all over the world who I met there. However, I know how daunting heading out to China can be the first time, because I felt exactly the same. I'm now lucky enough to help your journey with Adventure China, as I'll be the one matching you with your perfect camp and making sure you get hired. Since I've visited almost every province, I'm full of advice and tips on where to travel or what to eat when you're in China.

Director of Growth & Development

Heading to the other side of the world with a group of like minded people and spending time with local people who have a different perspective is something that has profoundly impacted my life. I have been fortunate enough to spend time in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming and further afield and have made some great friends in the process. People I never would have met if it wasn’t for Adventure China, people who I share a passion of cultural exchange and youth development with. I lead the program, supporting the Adventure China team in whatever way is needed and searching for new great camps across China. At summer camp, in the great outdoors, I met my wife, gained the experience to join Smaller Earth and develop my abilities with people. Camp changed me for the better, if you are willing to try new things, work hard and be a part of something bigger then give it a try!

Global Travel Advisor

My name is Calvin, but you can call me Ninja (camp name). There isn’t anything I wouldn’t try or do for the sake of adventure. I’ve eaten tarantulas, walked around mountain peaks, and taken too many overnight standing trains all in the name of adventure. I was an Average Joe once upon a time - I would sit behind my computer wondering what exploring the world would be like. One day I took the leap, paid my £49 deposit and never looked back. China has become a huge passion of mine because of the food, the people and the amazing scenery! Camp in China has changed my life for the better and I'm sure it can do the same for you.

Local Support Coordinator

Michael is your local supporter who you can count on 24/7 while you're in China. Having years of experience supporting people from all over the world on cultural exchange programs in China, Michael can help you out with anything.

New Zealand Program Coordinator

Kia ora team, I'm Rosie, your Adventure China go-to here in NZ. I'm stoked to be working with our amazing summer camps in China and helping get Kiwis off on their next adventure. I love how unique the Adventure China program is - it's definitely something I'd recommend for someone who is looking for a real cultural exchange.

We'll see you in China.

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